Our Kitchens

Whether it’s for your new home or that you need to replace your existing kitchen, a new kitchen is an important decision and represents a considerable expenditure.

Obviously price and quality are important factors but kitchens have other important aspects. It is important that it is easy to work in and that the storage is well planned for easy access and organisation.

A lot of time will be spent in the kitchen therefore it is important that it is a pleasant room to work in. In more recent times housing has got more open-planned and it is seen by many as a key entertaining room for guests as well as family.

Because you don’t buy a kitchen every day it is important that you take some time to choose what make of furniture to buy and who you trust to do your job. We believe that we are your best choice to balance functional planning, attractive design and quality within a reasonable budget.

Our main trading areas for kitchens are, Colne, Nelson, Pendle, Burnley, Padiham, Whalley and Clitheroe.


Good kitchen design is a combination of a number of things but the main three are:

Efficient Use Of Space

Corner units have always been a problem with very little stored in them due to difficult access. Corner systems reduce the capacity but allow you to get at everything you store in the cupboard easily.

Drawers are also important, especially as you get older and accessibility becomes an issue.  Our drawers are longer than normal and offer around 12% larger capacity than many of our competitors.

Our taller range of base units can be designed with 6 drawers instead of 5 or each drawer can have extra depth. These deeper bases offer around 20% more capacity than the standard bases offered by our competitors.

Ease Of Working

The height of work-surfaces is a major factor on how easy the kitchen is to use.

Some factors to consider are the ease of cleaning your kitchen. Whilst good extraction make that task much easier choosing less fussy door fronts makes a big difference to the chore of keeping things clean.

Many older clients who have had to clean the more traditional doors choose flat doors now for that reason as well as for the fresh clean lines of contemporary design.

Finally, many of our kitchen accessories can offer improved ease of use, from efficient waste disposal through to ergonomic taps.

Aesthetic Appeal

Kitchens are subject to fashion, all-be-it to a slow fashion cycle.

Good use of colour and texture as well as form is important. Mono-colour kitchens can look spectacular but introducing another colour, or mixing wood with colour makes a kitchen warmer and more pleasant to work in and live with.

But beware of today’s trendy colour schemes, especially bolder colours. Unless the use of strong fashionable colours is well thought out you run the danger of your kitchen being dated while it is still in excellent condition.

Great designs last, contemporary fads don’t.


Since the standards for kitchen dimensions were formed people are, on average, over 2cm taller. It stands to reason that a worktop height standard set decades ago is now relatively low for taller people to work at. Despite thatm most kitchen suppliers offer the one traditional height for everyone! It is also the case that, ideally, the sink should be higher than the standard height so that it reduces the need to bend forward when using it.

We do things differently. We have three height systems with cross-over between all three. We have the traditional height and a taller system which, with a varying plinth height give us the ability to cover a wide range of heights. But we also offer a bespoke height so that we can cater for every client including those who require wheelchair access. We offer that personalised height with no surcharge to the client.

Having a wide range of sizes to our cabinets means that we can make the best use of your space for storage. It also allows us to make better use of drawers thus giving improved, easier access to the contents of cupboards. Our drawers are deeper than the industry standard and provide an extra 21% more space in the average drawer.


After trials of Blum, Hettich and Leicht drawer systems we decided to use the Grass drawer system as standard. This decision was based upon quality, reliability and use in service.Grass drawers are used by several of the more up-market German kitchen manufacturers such as Leicht. In our opinion it is the system best available.

We use a mixture of top quality accessories and components from companies such as Kessebohmer.


You will see from our home page that we offer flexibility and outstanding value for money. You can chose from our own locally manufactured furniture or chose furniture from a leading European supplier.

We keep our costs low. Our Nelson showroom is part of workshops and staffed by personnel who also have roles to play in the manufacture of your furniture.

Our Padiham showroom is well supported from Nelson and carries much lower costs than is usual for kitchen studios. That saving is passed on to you.

Setting the budget for your kitchen will be determined by many factors, some financial, some emotional, some pragmatic. Most of these things you have to decide for yourself and we will work to your budget no matter how you have set it – but the effect of your new kitchen on the value of your property is something which we can give some information on.

The pragmatist will want to know what effect a new kitchen will have on the value of his/her property.

Kitchens today are better value now than they were 20 years ago. Kitchen furniture has not kept up with inflation. Over 20 years ago an investigation into the effect of investing in a new kitchen for your home came up with the following conclusion; The optimum amount to spend on a new kitchen was 10% of the value of the house. Spend more and it was money that wouldn’t reflect in the worth of the house, spend less and the danger is that any new owner would want something better.

Being dour Northerners with a good grasp of the value of money we always considered that a little high and far too general. A better guide today in the Northwest (and considering that you can now get more for your money than 20 years ago) might be for houses in the £150,000 to £300,000 then 5% to 7% would be a much more sensible figure. We recognise that buying a kitchen is a serious decision and a major financial outlay which should not be taken lightly. Unlike some of our competitors we are under no illusion that ‘there is no alternative’. In fact you have lots of alternatives all keen to take your money and some to offer a reasonable product and service. We believe that we offer a better job at a better price giving you better results for your hard-earned money.